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Conversation – Structural Engineer

As Massey Engineering firm grows and expands its capabilities, we sat down with Fedora Nwachukwu, who joined the team in October 2022 to talk about her career and her experience working with the team. Doing the Work She Always Wanted Fedora has worked in multiple engineering roles in Columbia, SC, throughout her career. But she’s returned to what she enjoys most at Massey Engineering.  “Structures had always been my first love.”  She came on board after working for larger firms, primarily in civil engineering roles. “My first job out of college was roadway design,” Fedora said.  She also briefly worked in the nuclear sector. Fedora said working at a smaller firm like Massey Engineering was a shift, but it’s one she’s relished.  In previous roles, Fedora worked on one part of a project and then passed it along to whoever was responsible for the next phase. She rarely saw the outcome of the work she created.  Now, she can work on a project and see it built within two weeks.  “It was a very full circle moment to see how all the little parts I work on connect for an entire building,” Fedora said.  Working on residential projects has been

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Shipp Joins CREW Midlands Board

The Massey Engineering team is excited to announce that Ellianna Shipp, our Lead Architectural Designer and Project Manager has joined the board of CREW Midlands. CREW, or Commercial Real Estate Women, is an organization focused on networking and referral opportunities for women in the commercial real estate industry. Ellianna said the Midlands chapter has some of the area’s most influential leaders on the board. “When you’re in the room with those kinds of people, that’s the room you want to be in,” Ellianna said. Since becoming involved, Ellianna said she’s been impressed by CREW’s programming, which includes monthly luncheons, special events, and other opportunities to connect with professionals in the space. With her board seat, Ellianna will represent Massey Engineering and Phase One. In addition to her board responsibilities, Ellianna will help lead the Midlands chapter’s UCREW efforts, which engage with college students interested in pursuing commercial real estate careers. Ellianna said she was first introduced to CREW during college. “I thought, ‘What a great place to be with all these mentorship opportunities,’” she said. The organization will focus on outreach to college students throughout the Midlands and beyond. “Any way I think I can help younger people understand the

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