Residential + Commercial

Construction Consulting with Massey Engineering

First and foremost... what is a construction consultation?

A construction consultation, also known as a feasibility study, is the first step taken when establishing the scope and ballpark cost of the project you would like to complete.

During a construction consultation we will listen to your plans for the space, perform conceptual investigations, and provide feedback commensurate with your plan and/or limitations of the space.

We help to identify impacts (structural, utilities, geometric, gov’t) and correlate that to the associated risks to your timeline, budget, and your final end product. This also includes losses from fire, flood, wind and seismic.

Generally speaking, our construction consults will entail:

construction site building with cement material structure

Commercial Consultations

In the commercial world the construction consult looks more like investigations into current zoning vs new zoning, planned uses, change of occupancies, DOT compliance, civil site constraints, DHEC, structural concerns, utility conflicts, architectural and life safety, ADA compliance, MEP’s, etc, as well as Risk Mitigation Studies where warranted.

Residential Consultations

In the residential realm, aside from envisioning your dream with you, we will look at the obvious structural concerns, we will take into account any plumbing and HVAC conflicts, where things will be easier and cost effective versus difficult and expensive, and concerns when you go outside of footprint. We can help to identify potential ROI’s (Return on Investments) and ARV’s (After Repair Values) if that is a concern of yours as well.

ceiling struts and supports

What comes next?

At the end of the day hopefully it is all good news! However, in some instances, the construction consult can and will kill a project right there. Reasons for that may include an unrealistic budget versus dream, geometric constraints, governmental restrictions, environmental restrictions, etc. That is not always a bad thing either! It is better to be given the appropriate feedback early on, than to spend countless hours and money to find out at a later date that the project cannot be completed because of insufficient due diligence.

Now, for the caveat. The only caveat to above is that the construction consultation is limited to the preliminary investigations and feedback in the field. We aim to provide you with as much information as can be humanly conveyed while on site. Anything that “needs to be taken back to the office” we will discuss the next steps, as well as the associated fees for our team to perform the work.

Remember… The Massey Team is more than just Engineers. We are Architects, General Contractors, Home Builders, Master Builders and Real Estate Agents all in one!